deBoer Bakerij- Holland MI

Last Monday I traveled to Holland, MI for work and had lunch at deBoer Bakerij.  According to the Holland resident I was eating lunch with, this is the only authentic dutch restaurant and bakery in town.

The bakery is located on Douglas Ave and expanded operations in the last year or so.  I ended up trying a croquette for the first time.  Actually I’d never heard of it before, but what the heck I was up for it.  It was ok, one of my dining companions said it tasted like the ones his grandmother made, so I am sure if you like croquettes it is good.  I don’t think I’d count myself among them.  Lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich and BLT soup which tasted fine.

Now your probably wondering, “if everything was just OK why are you bothering us with this?”. Well, I’ll tell you, one word “Boterkoek”, dutch for “butter biscuit or cake”!  One of the most magnificent desserts I have ever tasted.  I still dream about it!!

Boterkoek is a dense cake with almonds and almond paste.  If you are anything like me and you love almond, this is to die for.  I may have to go back to Holland for work next month or August and I am headed back to deBoer Bakerij.  I didn’t have enough time look at their baked goods, but this time I am a woman with a plan, and its all about loading up on the baked goods.

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