Gone Wired Cafe

I have discovered the center of the universe!  Which incidentally happens to be in my neighborhood at the following address: 2021 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48912.

Ok, maybe not the center of the entire universe.  Gone Wired Cafe does seen to be center of the universe for many social groups in Lansing.  At any given time there are computer clubs, bible studies, role players, writing groups, and board-gamers huddled in groups at the cafe sharing their common interests.   I meetup with at least two different groups of people at the cafe and have an interest in at least two more.  Unfortunately everyone seems to want to meet on Thursday nights, forcing me to pick and choose.

Gone Wired Cafe is a two-story establishment that I am told used to be a camping store, however I have only ever known it as the cafe.  I love the place, it definitely ranks as one of my top ten places to go.  The first floor is where most of the social groups meet, while the second floor is mainly reserved for students studying.  There is no rule concerning this, it is just how everyone divides themselves up and the layout is conducive to this.

Gone Wired Cafe has a full menu and serves tea, coffee, soda, etc.  In the fall they have a pumpkin soup to die for!  There are a few computers for use and free Wi-Fi.  A couple of years ago the cafe and bookstore (Everybody Reads) installed a set of double doors for access between the two businesses during similar working hours. So if you get bored with your friends you can sneak next door and buy something to read.

If you are looking for a place to get together with friends or to work/study away from the home or office, I highly recommend Gone Wired Cafe.

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