Library of Michigan

Genealogy has been a passion of mine for over a decade.  I’ve spent countless hours online compiling my family trees, but I have not spent many hours doing research in libraries.  The last Saturday I spent hours roaming around the Library of Michigan in their vast Genealogical section.  Unfortunately the library is under threats of closure due to budgetary constraints which threaten a phenomenal Michigan treasure.

I’ve been to the Library of Michigan several times doing research for work and have wandered through the aisles looking at the resources.  It wasn’t until this Saturday when I headed over there with a friend that I realized they had resources I couldn’t get online.

It is sad that this resource might disappear. and it will not be from lack of use, there were plenty of people doing research.  If you can, I’d recommend visiting as soon as possible, before it is too late.

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One Response to Library of Michigan

  1. kimj says:

    Write your legislature if you don’t want this resource to disappear. The website has links to Michigan senators & rep, if you don’t know who yours is, and you can write to the US Senate & Reps too. If you are not from Michigan, write to the Speaker of the House & the Senate then…. they need to hear from you.

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