It seems like I spend a lot of time talking about food on this blog.  I really don’t spend all my time eating, I swear.  I did make a point of stopping at “Morsels” on my way out-of-town.

Morsels is a tiny bakery at the corner of Cass and Front in Traverse City.  I discovered it last year when I was in town and made sure I was able to get my little cakes before I left.  Bonus: I just found out today that they deliver locally and by mail!!!

The bakery serves coffee and assorted breakfast and sandwiches, but their real appeal are their little cakes from which they get their name.  They are little bite sized baked goods and come in several varieties.  Each one is $0.79, at last check, and I ordered four.  This time I purchased the shortbread, the dulce de leche, vanilla cupcake, and brownie.  All were very good, but I highly recommend the dulce de leche and shortbread.

As we were leaving town, we stopped for coffee and Morsels to go.  We also ordered  breakfast sandwiches for the drive home.  The sandwich was so-so, I would stick to the baked goods, as the breakfast wasn’t great and you will have to wait (and so will all the poor saps that came in behind you).

If you are in town Morsels is a must try, and try, and try.  Mmmm… I think I may have to try the mail-order…..

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One Response to Morsels

  1. theharrodsgirl says:

    My mouth is watering. They look delicious!

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