Firefly is a restaurant in Traverse City, MI that I had the privilege of visiting on Saturday night.  Our hotel was within walking distance of downtown so we headed out to find some dinner around 7:30pm.  We walked past several places with the understanding that if one of us has a hankering for someplace in particular we would stop.

After passing the first two restaurants I suddenly remembered a place I had eaten in May of last year.  As we neared the intersection of Cass and Front,  I mentioned I was interested in going to that particular restaurant.  I couldn’t remember the name, but I knew it occupied an old bank on Cass St.   So we started heading south on Cass and it turned out to be only a block or so away.

When I pointed it out, my friend paused and then said, “how about the Firefly, I’d rather eat there”.  I never been there, never even heard of it, so I quickly agreed.  It turned out to be several more blocks south and worth the walk.

Everything on the menu sounded so good, it really was difficult to decide on a single dish.  Well, we found our way around that by ordering off the “Small Plates” menu.  They offer three dishes to mix and match.  By the way, I am using a sarcastic tone and air quotes when I say “Small Plates”.  They were anything but small, I am not sure what a large plate is but you can bet it is way too much food.

We ordered Potstickers (which actually did come on a small plate), Asian Skewers on a bed of sweet potato fries (more like a mound), and Red Curry Noodles.  I think when they said “Small Plate” they just meant the plate you eat off, as they did not provide us with any dinner plates, so we just used our bread plates.

The Potstickers were good, but I would skip the Red Curry Noodles.  They just didn’t seem to have much flavor, but the Asian Skewers were to die for.  I am not a fan of beef, or meat in general, but I would order the Asian Skewers again, and not share this time.  As a side the sweet potatoes came with peanut or horseradish dipping sauces.  I took the peanut and it did taste pretty good together, a very interesting combination. Oh, and did I mention Firefly serves my favorite beer, Short’s Soft Parade (I’ll save my gushing for another blog entry).

All in all the food was good, I’d go back, perhaps with at least five more people to make a dent in the “Small Plates”.

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