Empire Asparagus Fest

This last week found me reveling in all things Asparagus!  Namely the 7th Annual Empire Asparagus Fest.

My friend and I attended the festival on Saturday in beautiful sunny weather.  It really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  The festival is held in Empire, MI, a cute little town that reminded me of Bellaire.

The festival is not large, only two tents, one for vendors and one with tables and chairs, and a stage for the bands to perform.  At the entrance to the tent I purchased a plastic glass that came with one drink ticket for $5 from the local Lions Club.  Additional drink tickets could be purchased inside the tent from other Lion members circulating the crowd, and crowded it was.  Be advised that one ticket does not always purchase one drink.  Some of the more expensive wines were available for two tickets a glass.  My advice, check out the breweries and wineries first to see what you’d like to drink then go track down that Lion!

There is also plenty of food and if I hadn’t been conscientious of my pant size, I could have eaten myself into a larger one.  When I entered the tent I immediately noticed a woman carrying a bowl of Asparagus soup with a stalk in it.  It looked yummy, but I didn’t get a chance to stop her before she melted into the crowd.  However, I gained an end goal in my search for lunch.  Needless to say I did not find that particular soup and instead came across a cup of Asparagus Soup from a place called Maybings Ethnic Organic Foods, at least that is where I think I purchased my fare from.  Either way I am attributing a mighty good soup to them.  I have photos that I will post eventually, a little glitch kept me from getting them up asap.

There was quite the variety of dishes; crab cakes, fried asparagus, asparagus herb bread, oh the list could go on….  There is nothing like asparagus season in MI!


Less than 365 until the 8th Annual Empire Asparagus Fest.

For more info: http://tinyurl.com/237dxzt

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